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Re: The Path of the Ancient [open]
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The younger girl happily made her way over to the hearth.  She picked up the blanket running her fingers over it softly, before she laid it out close to the fire.  Having always been drawn to being as close to the flame as she could, she curled up near the warmth watching the priestess.  She watched the woman fairly captivated as she gathered the herbs, and made the tea. 

As the service was presented to Homura she gave a bit of a bow in appreciation.  She carefully added a sugar cube and dash of cream liking things a bit on the sweet side, and took a scone and jam happily.  Letting the fragrance of the tea fill her senses smiling lightly as she looked up at Aska as she posed the question.  "Learn the arts of the Geisha?"  She tilted her head momentarily, but quickly nodded.  "I would love to learn what you have to teach, if you wouldn't mind teaching me.  I'm sure I could certainly benefit from learning the arts, and developing a bit more grace."  She would admit she sometimes lacked in that area, being a bit on the excitable side.  She sipped the tea quietly, smiling softly enjoying the rich taste.
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