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Re: Natures Peace (night, open)
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:32:06 pm »
Kurei look down and look at the tree next to him. Rei spoke first "...he  created us to be a living weapon. For some reason, back in the lab, Kurei's soul was mysteriously split, so Deji had to add a new half-soul, that me, the pure-blood vampire. Because it was an immortal soul attempt to merge wtih a mortal soul, he became unstable, so Deji had to put a seal on it to keep it from splitting again. Kurei's emotions and mind was broken back in the lab so he was mindless emotionless puppet, even I didn't know what happens much. All I know is that he did killed many test subjects and even destroyed many cities and villages, killing many peoples along the way." He sit down and scratch his head, he pause and notice Mika. "Hi Mika..." Kurei said softly.

Rei nodded to Mika and ersume again, though unsure if it okay to say it infront of Mika. "...from what Deji says, it seem that the seal is breaking, and that our soul will split again if we don't get our mind together. He wasn't clear of it and it was thanks to Kaya that we gotten most of answers. She said kinda like this 'he can help break so many of these blocks. I don't think his emotions are entirely gone from him, simply shut away. Once freed, you and he might begin to heal. Souls such as yours will always try and reunite. It is unstable what has been done. You must free the blocks, and you will find your way. Strands have been severed, but they can also be rewoven.'is what she said... since that man can now control us unexpectedly. Me and Kurei just dealt with our weapon phases that was trying to take ahold. We had to sealed it in our scythe, but it only temporary." he explains mostly, wondering if what he said make senses.
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