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Re: Natures Peace (night, open)
« on: November 26, 2012, 11:01:30 pm »
Mika was walking through the forest lost in thought again.  It was a typical look for her since that man had walked back into her life.  Slight bags could be seen under her eyes, and her hair was pulled up, which was abnormal for the girl.  She had a small bag with her as she walked, staring up at the few stars she could see through the trees.  She heard a few familiar voices on the breeze from a little ways a way.  She turned and headed in the direction of the sound.
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Swallow me under and pull me apart
I understand, there's nothing left
Pain so familiar and close to the heart
No more, no less, I won't forget

I thought you said forever over and over
this sleepless night becomes, bitter oblivion
these thoughts run through my head, over and over
complaints of violins... become my only friends"