Author Topic: I don't feel any pain [semi open, following a monster like him, night]  (Read 204 times)

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Mika stopped for a moment and leaned against a tree for support.  Her breathing ragged as she closed her eyes and her head tilted up.  She bit her lip, trying to get herself together so she could make it back.  She pressed on the wound on her stomach trying to get the full depth of the damage she had taken.  She thought she heard footsteps in the woods, but she couldn't find the source.
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Swallow me under and pull me apart
I understand, there's nothing left
Pain so familiar and close to the heart
No more, no less, I won't forget

I thought you said forever over and over
this sleepless night becomes, bitter oblivion
these thoughts run through my head, over and over
complaints of violins... become my only friends"