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Re: deep forest
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"yami raised his hands to show he meant no harm" its no problem mitsuko. i have plenty of money in my account, one of the many perks of being a representative "yami smiled and rubbed his head" well if you consider such a handsome and awesome young man as me a good sync or if you decide you just wanna hang, play some games, watch t.v., shop, beat up monsters "his list only grew longer and longer" you can find me at this location "yami gave her  a card with directions to yukimoras house" i guess i'll be going now "yami noticed kurei shadow ability and smiled" another shadow user sweet "as killik started undressing yami laughed" a man who doesn't care........ "yami laughed again and opened a shadow and disappeared"
Name: yami engimono
Age: 14
Bio: Yami is the class rep for the 1st years, he is usually seen walking the halls. he is a loud mouth kid who loves to talk. people find it weird that he doesn't get angry much, he simply refuses to let things phase him that way
After leaving Oraion with his brother. yami has become one of the worlds top thieves, yami travels the world stealing valuable items that he likes. although yami was born a spirit he does not claim it

ability: absolute control over shadows other than his brothers and fathers shadow. adept to dark based abilities. likes to keep his shadow on his body

Likes: any sugary sweets preferably sour candy or suckers, girls(kind of a pervert), nachos

Dislikes: vegetables, boring people

Classes: unknown
Clubs/activities: 1st year rep
Class Rep: himself
Year: 1

Stats: total 620(spirit form +100)
speed- 180
energy to use ability-100(200)
martial arts skills-60
equipment skills-00
spirit mode(not a demon)