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Re: deep forest
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killik walks through the forest dragging a large piece of meat on his back "sister tries so hard to provide" he stops to take a breath "it is only fair i do the same" killik is a little bit aways from the group and clearly does not know anyone else is there. he wipes sweat from his brow and presses on, dragging the large piece of meat. his body has scratches on it and his clothes are dirty. the creature he had fought and killed put up a tough fight, especially for an unsynced dragon "i wish i could've brought more than this with me" killik sighed "oh well"
Name: KilliK
Age: 15
Gender: male

Bio: Killik is a thanatian hatchling dragon. he has come here knowing of others like him. and wishes to meet them in person
ability: Dark Abilities,
Likes: eating shadows, meat, darkness
Dislikes: bright light, candy
Classes:(total of 5)
Clubs/activities: if have any
Class Rep:
Year: 2

Stats: 400
strength- 80
speed- 40
intelligence- 80
energy to use ability- 100
stamina- 50
martial arts skills- 50
equipment skills- 0