Author Topic: Chase, Chase Down the Rabbit Hole [cont. Dorm, Elliot and Ely, permission req.]  (Read 636 times)


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"I didn't. I just felt it," the teen replied with a smile closing his eyes as Lya nuzzled into his neck and kissed it. He took another long drag of Lya's intoxicating scent, his mind slowly dulling to a buzz from the high brought on by it and the joy of the days events so far. It had all been so perfect. Almost like a dream. And if it was one, he didn't want to wake up. He zoned out for a moment not really registering that he didn't feel any pain from when the woman's fingers ran along an area where an open wound would be so he didn't realize that he had healed yet, but several other things began to catch his attention.

The Crescent Moon's eyes widened as though he were seeing for the first time. The sights, sounds, smells... all of them suddenly became a lot more acute causing Elliot to squeeze Lya tightly from fear for a moment. However, as Lya explained what was going on (along with how to change back to/stay in human form), the teen gradually relaxed releasing her to do her snuggling thing as he started to run his fingers through her hair to help them both relax.

Elliot enveloped himself in Lya's presence, savoring her and the new connection they had forged for a few moments, until he was calm enough to listen to her words with hooded eyes. Almost as though he were in a trance. Nodding in understanding of Lya's explanations and warnings, the Crescent Moon nodded and, using Lya's presence as an anchor and support, he turned his attention away from her just before she hid her face to take a fresh look at his new world.

" your right," he said incredulously as a smile crept across his face, then he looked back at Lya and blinked at the redness he saw peeking out between her raven hair. "Lya-chan? Is everything okay?" He asked softly stroking the hair aside to see her more clearly. He had just gotten his new senses so he had yet to learn how to read a person's heart, though he blushed slightly too almost as if in resonance with the No Moon in his arms.
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