Author Topic: Chase, Chase Down the Rabbit Hole [cont. Dorm, Elliot and Ely, permission req.]  (Read 636 times)


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Sensing Lya's weakness, the Crescent moon pounced... straight into a tree. A loud crack followed by a yelp came from the wolf as he completely overshot his intended target and slammed head first into a tree. The drawback of having a new body; not understanding it's strength. Another yelp as the golden wolf fell to the ground followed by whimpering as he flailed about in pain on his back.

If Lya kept running, then she would regain some ground while the wolf recovered, and gotten a free laugh out of it as Elliot rolled to his paws and took off after her again, this time a bit more wary about how much power he used and when as he started trying to get used to his new body. Once he catches up again, the teen will go all-out, blasting past the fatigued midnight wolf skidding a head of her to cut her off and, hopefully, cause her to slow down making his pounce a bit gentler for her as he pins her down and licks her muzzle. "Got you!" The Crescent Moon's eyes would say as his tongue lolled, finally revealing his own canine grin.

If she waits for him to get up, then Elliot will roll onto his paws, but stay hunched on the ground panting a bit on instinct as he looked at her with eyes that blushed in embarrassment since his face no longer could. The Crescent Moon would then nip at whatever part of Lya was closest to him and show his own canine grin as if to say, "got you!"
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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