Author Topic: an evening stroll 8/6 [private]  (Read 483 times)

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Re: an evening stroll 8/6 [private]
« Reply #15 on: August 08, 2012, 01:27:49 am »
This time, it's not him that sits up. It's Kaya. She sat straight, her brow furrowed. It doesn't take her long to compose her thoughts. She could tell this story as if it were yesterday's events. And to the little goddess, it was.

"Once, a man and a woman believed in love. Love that spanned eternity. Love that could overcome most anything. Even death. They found it the year both had turned seventeen.

Exceptionally gifted, very bright. These things were true of both. In their final year of school here, in this place. He had been betrothed to another woman. It was likely an advantageous marriage. But he found the woman of his dreams.

She was everything to him. Light, good, sweetness, and a stubborn surety about the things she believed. One of those things became him.

Theirs was a whirlwind romance. Both fell quickly, completely and blindly. And didn't realize that they had earned the wrath of a goddess. Or that another watched over them.

The wrathful goddess concocted a curse. But she waited to spring it upon the young lovers until they had much to lose, and therefore the deepest pain. That time came fairly quickly, as the woman found that she'd become pregnant.

Both were ecstatic. They made plans to marry, to build a life together. And that was when the angry goddess sprung her trap. She came to them three nights later, as both simply enjoyed time together, and laid down her judgement upon them both.

The man would bear the brunt of her harsh indictment. Eighteen years to sea, never to walk upon shore. One day to return. This is where the protecting goddess intervened. The two deities argued fiercely over the issue. Both were staunch in their position.

Finally, the protecting goddess made the other relent upon the severity of punishment. 18 years to sea, one year home. And not entirely cut off from one another. The protector would see fit to be a messenger.

The man was banished to sea that night at midnight. He spent his last hours with the woman he loved. Memorized the way she felt in his arms, her features, her voice and her scent to take with him.

They wrote one another every day. They shared the minutae of their days that they would not share. Dreams of the daythat he could return."
Kaya is silently crying as she speaks. A knot had grown in her throat, painfully. "The worst happened. The two never saw one another again."
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