Author Topic: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)  (Read 2144 times)


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Re: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)
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Kurei scratch his head as he look at mika, awaiting for jasper to answer. "Um... Mika, right? I'm sorry for the way I acted. That damn idiot waking me up rudely and using my body as he pleases ****ed me off, A HUMAN trying to control ME infact. And you know I don't trust anyone and hate humans if you understand what I mean. And Deji's influences I guess." he look at yume and scratch his hair, watching jasper's tail wrapping around yume. "I took yume's soul cause she ancient summoner - and tasty... which attracted my hungers...- and thankfully she helped me get that thing out of my body and giving me some energy. I gotta thanks you also, that white haired man is so annoying, alot more than that damn vampire who sealed me in deep sleep after I destroyed many villages for hatres and though I would get out of control. Come on, they deserve it dammit, I don't regret destroying the humans' cities... it a good thing I destroyed that lab, wonder where that man disappear off to, I wanted to talk to him if I can find you, oh well, thanks to him I was able to escape and destroy the lab and nearby humans' cities for driving my kinds to extinction." he said, rubbing his forehead, he mostly did it in hatres to humans and also told them something that Rei left out: He is the last living weapon monster... that the humans not only killed off their family, but the whole race.
Yume sigh to herself and cuddles into the tail, thinking thoughfully, she turn her head toward the dragon and decided to tell him herself rather than waiting. "Jasper, he means your my Soul mate. I going to become a green dragon soon like you are. I... I hope your not mad or something..." she said softly, not sure how he would feel... All these stuffs... she sigh to herself and close her eyes, unsure how she will take the truth about her species and that she is the last one...
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