Author Topic: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)  (Read 2144 times)

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Re: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)
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Mika kept her eyes on kurei, the spear not disappearing as he and Yume walked closer.  Until this was over, or she could no longer sense danger, it would not.  She ran her hand through her hair and made sure to stand close enough to Jasper.  Stormy grey eyes fell on the scales trying to figure out what they were. 

Miyako glared at Plushy.  "I could treat you agreesively if you would prefer it.  I know if you were to attack the brats mind you would not get very far.  Yes Shinji has seen me present in Mika's eyes before.  I cannot help it, she and I are the same, well 2 halves of the same coin.  I am her darkness she it the light, but we are the same.  I tend to watch out for her because the angel is far more fragile than the demon."  Miyako shrugged leaning on Mika's sword, since mika currently had her spear.
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