Author Topic: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)  (Read 1094 times)


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Re: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)
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Kurei eyed both mika and jasper and sigh softly. "I hope you keep the promise. Ancient summoner, a rare spieces whom has a long longevity and famous for summoning many monsters without the uses of sacrificing like most normal summoners. It said to taken many forms, mostly humans, basically this girl known as Yume, is not human at all, even I do not know what their true form are as they taken many many forms." he explains softly to Yume's shock.

He look at her eyes closer as he lift her chin up, as if looking in her soul. "They are quite neutral though, whenever they on evil side, or on good side. Even I know little from what Deji may tells me as they are very very rare even after researching about them... Her souls is unknown, mixed with many monsters, giving them the powers to take forms and to summon monsters at will." he said, explaining that she also had another power hidden in her. He does however smiles at jasper's words, which is quite strange.

"Then I hope you will keep your words. Each ancient summoners has one Cuim Syda, or soul mates in humans' languages, they will not know whom he or she are or where. There only one way to proof they are. They will began to take the forms of their true mates, gaining the same powers as their mates while they still contains their summoning powers." He let go of yume and then he hold one finger while closing one eyes. "However, they do have one weakness, or so the rumors say: in the pasts, an ancient wizard casted a curse on them: it take something from their body and give it back, whenever the user summons or not, 'exchange' is what Yume call it. The only solution is to find their Cuim Syda and become one with them, or marry in humans' terms, if you understand it a bit better." he pause though, frowning very slightly. "...She is the last living of ancient summoners, many before her perished to the demon lords, world destructions and... to humans, even some in war..." He said very softly. How he gained the knowledge of her species was unknown. He was quite glad that Rei taken interests in studying ruins during his travels, including ancient summoners' legends.

Yume was speechless, shocked of what she just learned about herself...

During the whole times, Kurei's dark auras began to reduce as the threat levels drop slightly, almost as if something is calming him. It didn't change the fact he still hold the dangerous auras.. The binds on yume was loosen unconsciously, but still bind her strongly. For some reason he was explaining mostly to jasper and yume.
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