Author Topic: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)  (Read 2239 times)

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Re: A real stolen body (open-melting snow)
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With all the pricision of the expirement she was she guided the green light to her own body.  A flash of light and the green light disappeared.  Her eyes narrowed, Kurei knew her connection to Deji clearly there was something wrong.  Not willing to put Yume in danger, but knowing standing there unprotected, the blue in her eyes pulsed, and her spear formed in her right hand.  Biting her lip, waiting for an opening she addressed the person in front of her.  "Why does it matter what that man has to do with me?  What he has done to me, what he has made me, is written in the fabric of my being no matter what I do.  However my father's choices and decisions are not mine."
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