Author Topic: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]  (Read 410 times)


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Re: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]
« on: January 31, 2013, 07:56:41 am »
that would be great in- "kuru stopped talking and typing" oh-oh no "kuru looked at freya, fear danced in his eyes" the group...the group i-is greed "kuru stood and walked into another room. coming back ten minutes later with a binder in hand" greed is a group of merciless thieves who will take what here hearts desire. the last time seen there was four members in the group....but that was eight years ago. i will have to see if i can find any more information on them. until then here "kuru handed her the binder" durza, cheshire, the newly acquired member roy verde and two others who i have yet to identify. i am almost certain there are more "kuru typed frantically on his keyboard" this is going to take a while "he mumbled to himself"
Name: Shinkuru jakyll
Age: 16

Bio: Shinkuru is one of the worlds smartest people, seen as a child prodigy. he has started his own company to rival his fathers and after a short term is one of the most successful companies other than his dads. shinkuru tends to stay in his lab on a small island near oraion island.
ability: Shinkuru can manipulate elements
Likes: frozen treats, pomegranate, gum
Dislikes: salty foods, boring days
Classes:beast term1, tracker class1,elemental studies1,tech class1, science lab1
Clubs/activities: none yet
Class Rep: yami engimono
Year: 1st
Equipment:  various syrums and a watch that opens portals to various locations

Stats: -
strength- 20
speed- 20
energy to use ability-40
martial arts skills- 0
equipment skills- 80