Author Topic: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]  (Read 410 times)


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Re: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]
« on: January 30, 2013, 08:38:51 pm »
A frown began to form as she flipped through the folder. "I see..." she muttered, her thoughts drifting slightly to Bruce she sighed and snapped the folder close. "Then we'll have to warn the others of the danger, and hopefully all of them have found partners to help keep them safe. We won't let some idiot drift in to hurt our friends." she said and sat down beside him. "No use in crying, tears won't solve anything Shiku-chan." she muttered softly and ruffled his hair.

A sigh left her as she looked up at the monitors. "It seems I'll be taking leave from work, would probably be best to have Artemis do the same." she said thoughtfully and ran a hand through her hair.
Name: Freya Chronos Dracone
Age:  15
Gender: female
Bio:  Freya is the second oldest in her family, she comes from a long line of assassins on her fathers side and hopes to become the worlds best assassin. Thanks to her mother having magical blood she is also able to use a bit of magic, her strongest being fire and shadow magic despite the magic in her she'd rather use weapons over magic.. She can sometimes become a mother hen to the people she cares about, she enjoys reading and eating sweets and sleeping. She's bonded to a demon that she's named Anilese Elendril and is now able to use her powers and weapons. She is also married and currently runs a shop, works as an assassin, though she hates her partner, and does magic research part time.
ability: To move through the shadows, and to conjure and wield fire. Thanks to Anilese she can also use water and flight. Along with her hopes of becoming a top rated assassin she also hopes to become a magical researcher.
Likes: Freya enjoys almost all sweet things to the point where it's the only thing to shut her up when she's angry. She loves cats and dogs but only if she finds them cute. Her favorite color is green, she loves to read and loves to  fawn over anything romantic. She enjoys plushy's, mothering her friends. Making new friends and being with Yuki-chan.
Dislikes: Hates annoying people, anyone who starts drama and drags her into it, being woken up.
Class Rep: Yami
Year: 1
Equipment: 2 daggers, 1 bow with 2 arrows, and  1 sword, scythe

Stats: total 205
energy to use ability-32
stamina- 20
martial arts skills- 20
equipment skills-50

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