Author Topic: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]  (Read 410 times)


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Re: secrets [shinkuru, night, shinkuru inc.]
« on: January 30, 2013, 01:43:51 pm »
"kurus eyes betrayed his smiled" i-...yeah "kuru sat on the floor, using one of the lab tables for support" his name is roy verde "kuru snapped and images and information popped up on all the monitors"  he is ranked as the 2nd strongest swordsman known, he was head of security for my fathers company but what i hear now is he's quit. roy is near emotionless and has only one real passion other than sword play.......rare jewels and riches "kuru took a breath and ran his hand through his hair" he decided to pay me a visit tonight. told me that the group he was with now was searching for a rare....specimen. and he wanted my help. "the tears started to build in his eyes again and he tossed the folder to her".......there after the dragons freya. jasper, isyah, homura. the new dragons.......there all in danger. i told him i didn't know of anymore and he left....but i think he'll try the island sooner or later
Name: Shinkuru jakyll
Age: 16

Bio: Shinkuru is one of the worlds smartest people, seen as a child prodigy. he has started his own company to rival his fathers and after a short term is one of the most successful companies other than his dads. shinkuru tends to stay in his lab on a small island near oraion island.
ability: Shinkuru can manipulate elements
Likes: frozen treats, pomegranate, gum
Dislikes: salty foods, boring days
Classes:beast term1, tracker class1,elemental studies1,tech class1, science lab1
Clubs/activities: none yet
Class Rep: yami engimono
Year: 1st
Equipment:  various syrums and a watch that opens portals to various locations

Stats: -
strength- 20
speed- 20
energy to use ability-40
martial arts skills- 0
equipment skills- 80