Author Topic: Boring days and Getting Stronger(open, afternoon)  (Read 873 times)


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Re: Boring days and Getting Stronger(open, afternoon)
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"Well, he's from a different planet, called Dextra. Dextra is overrun by a galactic criminal, but no one knows his name. Unlike here, where not everyone on Earth has a special ability, On Dextra, everyone has a different ability, but that ability grows over time. The monster that took over our planet knew this, and had all of the newborns killed. My parents caught on, so when I was born, They sent me to another planet. For thirteen years, I've been in space, wondering where I would land. I landed here, and I don't know if my parents sent me here or not." The silver haired boy said, looking at the sky.
Name: Aki

Age: 16



Bio: Aki was never the normal child. Being from a different planet that only knew war. He always kept to himself, in fear of being caught by the planetary leader. Those with supernatural powers were disposed of, because of fear of being overthrown. Somehow, Aki wasn't detected, and was cast away from his planet, because his parents were scared that he would be terminated. He landed on Earth. New to the planet, he has to learn its ways, and somehow, get back to his own planet in order to take it back. He is a shy, yet headstrong person. He doesn't talk much, because he doesn't really know anyone.

ability: Light based Energy Constructs= Ability to create complex shapes (such as giant boxing gloves or cages) or even functional machinery (such as fire extinguishers or laser rifles) out of solid light energy. Can emit light from his body. Minor healing powers.

Likes: Candy, Food, Peace, Leisure time, reading

Dislikes: Loud noises, liars, being lied to,

Class Rep:
Year: 2

Stats: 400
strength- 60
energy to use ability-80
martial arts skills-70
equipment skills-0