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Technology Class Room
« on: March 10, 2013, 05:26:18 pm »

  Just pass the an automatic sliding door, a smell of burnt wires and various mechanical fluids would meet the nostrils. Inside the darken class room, lit by the various holographic screens that lined the work benches and large flat-screen monitors. Strange and very detailed schematics darted across the screens, on a casual glance it would of been hard to tell where one began and another ended. On the work benches, were machinery in various stages of construction and tools that would be more akin to that of torture equipment than to actual anything used to build.  Multi-colored warm neon pools synthetic fluid decorated the walls their cases to add to a purely aesthetic feel. Along the workbenches sat leather bound chairs for student use, while they'd they could gaze into the holographic touch screen during the long winded lectures portions. A single yellow warning hung by the door with black text that shined in a pseudo-phosphorescent glow. "Delicate equipment, due use gloves when handling machinery."
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