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Up in his face again, invading personal space and everything, she made it a controlled raised voice, meaning she managed not to scream at him. "It's apparently showing you everything that pisses you off and drives you away from me or makes you so **** jealous you can't see anything, but green." Her eyes narrowed, not unlike an angry feline's.

"Besides that, when you returned, I know I wasn't hanging on him, and he wasn't hanging on me. Yes, I **** kissed him, because he'd **** just given me poetry from the bottom of his soul. But I didn't do a repeat of that first thing. And if you think I did, your suit is not only a biased piece of crap, but a lying one, as well." She spat at him. The look in her eyes tells him, before she speaks, that she's about to say something he won't like.

"Maybe you should open your eyes and realize that everytime you let that plastic disease do something like this, you chase me away from you. And maybe that's what it wants. So if you don't want me, fine, keep listening to that suit and it's stupid ****.

But think about this. Maybe you should stop being so goddamn afraid people are going to walk away from you that you either chase them away purposefully, or you walk away first."
With a contemptuous look on her face, she turned on her heel, and walked away. She didn't look back.
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