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That just managed to **** her off more. "That stupid **** suit. Did it show you how **** surprised I was? I wasn't **** expecting any of that. But if you think I'm a coldhearted **** that's gonna hurt him by pushing him away when he does something like that, you got the wrong girl." She crossed her arms, chin tilting at a stubborn and vaguely imperious angle.

"If you did the same thing, I'd sure as **** have the same reaction, even if he was standing right there. Especially if you really meant it. I'm tired of that goddamn, Fates forsaken hunk of poisonous plastic causing me grief. Maybe it needs to stop showing you only what it wants you to see, and show you everything." Her chin jutted now. something about it reminded him of a woman tilting her chin and daring a man to take a shot at her.