Author Topic: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)  (Read 1219 times)


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Re: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)
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Shadows began to forms around Rei, seeming to warmth his forms as it comfort him. "Rei..." he whispers... almost inaudible, seeing what Rei just saw, he felt... terrified... and sadness. He growled to the plushie in his own form, standing near Freya, his expression was pure hatres and fires. "You better listen to Freya, or else I will participatein torturing you, stuffing you with bugs, making new holes, burning you from inside, ripping you apart. And more." he angrily said, the black flames flicker around the plushie dangerously, not touching freya's hand at all. One puff touch the plushie's hair and it is extremely hot, almost as if it was the sun's flames itself. His tone was pure hatres, there were no hints of lies, it was clearly he really is angry.
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