Author Topic: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)  (Read 1219 times)


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Re: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)
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Rei shaken fearfully, nightmares began to rush through his mind, he bring his hands to his head as he tries to resist it. His eyes widen in fear as he look at his hands. His hands was bloody... when he look up, it frighten him so much, he almost scream, yet nothing came out of his voice.

He inside the Sorunu temple... the coffin chambers... some 'thing' stand in the middle of corpses that was scattered around. He seem to be humanoid, however his skin was black, there were some red war tattoos-like on his face, his eyes was pure black... he wore a black-red demon armors and a black blades, coated in bloods.

 There were bodies of vampires laying around, seemingly the lower ranks vampires, as if it was killed. He noticed a five year old boy hiding in the corner of the temple in frighten stance. The 'thing' moved to him, and he growled lowly, the boy scream as the thing grabbed the boy roughly and put him ontop of the coffin, the same coffin that bore the name 'Hanzou Sorunu'. The boy struggles though but screams as he was being stabbed in the chest by the black blades. He kept screaming in pains until he fall limply, the blades was pulled out, a glowing orb appear at the end of the blade, the thing laughs evilly and grab the orb thing.

Presumely to be his soul. He walked away into the shadows, disappearing completely taking Hanzou's soul, leaving the corpses behide as the many vampires enters through different pathway, seeming to be a reinforcement. One woman however though scream in terrors as she spot Hanzou's body on the coffin and cries as she collapse, hugging the body tearfully.

The scenes however, was only shown to him in his eyes and he screamed. "STOP IT!!!" He suddenly collapses to the ground as Shadows began to cover his visions and he then drift off to dreamless sleep... there were some tears trails down his cheek as the shadows around him dimished. His presence is still connected to Freya though and if anyone but her attempt to carry him, he will just phase through like a shadows.
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