Author Topic: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)  (Read 1168 times)


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Re: The Hunt Continues (Shinji's Shop, closed)
« on: December 25, 2012, 11:34:53 pm »
Kurei blinks at the plushie's words, unexpected memories transfer to freya. Showing her a scene of Kurei and Mika talking about Kurei's pasts in library, he seem happy though, but then as soon as mika mention deji, jolts of pains rushes into Kurei. His eyes shift to vampire yellow eyes and his fangs grew and he yelled in pains, his wings shaken, trying to restrain him down as his blades also appear and tries to restrain him down too. Mika came and tries to help him, telling him he can do this.

The next scene shift to Kurei ontop of Mika, pinning her down, however despite the jolts of pains in him, he pause, sadness and fears... and guilt filled in him, yet the expression hidden them so well. A single though pass over him: 'Please... stop me... kill me.' although he could not say it to her, intead he tries to assure her that he won't kill her, before finally biting her neck softly. Unlike most vampires, he only suck little and lick her neck after finishing, healing the bite wound, but it seem to be enough for mika to be dizzy. He stumbles back and look down in shames, he quickly mutters apologetic though. Mika didn't look angry as they both fall asleep in the library.

The next scene shift to Hunter coming in the library and cussing kurei out, threating him and all the cursed words, even telling mika to stay away from Kurei. Even though mika did said Kurei apology, she took hunter's side and nodded to him. To freya, she could see that Kurei's mind was shutting down, slowly entering limbos until Rei awaken and took control, getting him away, leaving mika and hunter behide and also stopping the limbos from pulling Kurei back in. It shown that Kurei is not a vampire, but rather it was Rei, however the vampire sides were taking over kurei painfully instead of Rei due to not having bloods for years and that the body is not Rei's.

The memories ended here and Kurei close his eyes, not wanting to remember it again. Tears were dropping little bit but he tries to hide it by burying deeper in freya's shoulder.
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