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Re: Shinkuru Inc.
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Mechi turned around to look at Shinkuru. "Alright. That's cool." She kneeled down,and held her arms open to Robobo. "Come here cutie." she said. Robobo ran into Mechi's arms,snuggled. Mechi giggled as she patted her on the head."I'm fine, Shinkuru fixed me up." She walked over to Hoshi and hugged her stomach."I missed you !" She stepped back, to look at her face."It almost feel like years." Now that Mechi was shorter than Hoshi,she had to hug her around the stomach. She felt like a little girl hugging her mommy but how she know how that feel.She never had a actual mother nor was she ever a little girl until now.Mechi sighed at the thoughts then quickly regained her happiness.
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