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Re: Shinkuru Inc.
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"shinkuru hugged hoshi back, and felt a tug on his pants leg" if your mistress is mechi then she's right there "he pointed to mechi" give me about a week to have the body ready mechi and then come back to the shop. the process will be painless and will take about 2hrs to complete. is that ok? "he kept an arm wrapped around hoshi as he talked to mechi"
Name: Shinkuru jakyll
Age: 16

Bio: Shinkuru is one of the worlds smartest people, seen as a child prodigy. he has started his own company to rival his fathers and after a short term is one of the most successful companies other than his dads. shinkuru tends to stay in his lab on a small island near oraion island.
ability: Shinkuru can manipulate elements
Likes: frozen treats, pomegranate, gum
Dislikes: salty foods, boring days
Classes:beast term1, tracker class1,elemental studies1,tech class1, science lab1
Clubs/activities: none yet
Class Rep: yami engimono
Year: 1st
Equipment:  various syrums and a watch that opens portals to various locations

Stats: -
strength- 20
speed- 20
energy to use ability-40
martial arts skills- 0
equipment skills- 80