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Re: Shinkuru Inc.
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A small brown robot strolled into the shop. It had a small square device in it's hand,and she appeared to be looking for something. She frantically ran around the shop looking for Mechi "Excuse me,sir! Have you seen my mistress?" Robobo tugged at Shinkuru leg, appeared to be be worried. "My tracker device said that she's here but I can't seem to find her." She looked around frantically,sighed heavily. On the other hand, Mechi body tranformed into a small petite girl that appeared the age of thirteen. Her eyes changed back to a beautiful yellow-green metallic color. She jumped off the air that held her up and looked in the mirror. "Now, I look like a little girl now..I look like I should have a babysitter."She sighed and continued to observe herself in the mirror.;topic=64.0;attach=7;image ((Robobo))
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