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((Thank ya, love. Made it much neater for my OCD mind. Much loves your way, girly. Back too far. I was fine with your post before Yukio walked away. ))

Nicola cast a sympathetic look at her daughter that quickly turned to said girl's father. Her eyes are patient and vaguely pitying. "You don't really think I'm going to let you walk away with the boy, do you, draga? I know you too well." She told him in a foreign tongue. She still hadn't released his hand. And from the twining of her fingers and the press of her palm, she wouldn't be.

She then looked at Yukio. Her voice lowered as she addressed him. "If you have a wish to marry my daughter, and see that come to pass, don't do foolish things. We will go eat. Now." That gentle voice had velvet in it. But there was no covering the steel beneath it.

She looked at Freya, arching her brow. She addressed her daughter in the same tongue she had her husband. "Does the boy have brains?" She demanded softly witha  roll of her eyes.