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Re: Of Sand and Sea
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demetris eye twitched as he smiles a twisted smile at the boy. the smile is both forced and insaine. "so... you proposed to my little angel?" he said with little insaine laughs inbetween, trying to hold back his explosion.
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Name: Demetri Nox Dracone
Age: 44
Gender: male
Bio: Demetri comes from a long line of assassins, he is one of the current top assassins in the business and is known as Darcy to those who hire him. He has 3 kids with his wife Nicola. Demetri is extremely protective of his daughter and is known to threaten anyone who tries to date her. He is funny, playful and sweet when not on the job, but can turn cold, calculating and murderous when the situation calls for it. He is skilled with many weapons and has no magic abilities of his own. He enjoys being lazy in the shade on his off days along with bird watching.
ability: Skilled with various weapons, stealth, murder
Likes: His family, birds, his job, and strawberries
Dislikes: Boys being around Freya, people who threaten his family, being forced to do things on his days off
Equipment: 2 daggers, one gun, poison needles, a sword.