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Re: Market
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"a red badge with a white skull and the principals signature hat magically appeared on yukio's shirt"

Telepathically to yukio:sorry it took so long, i had to fill out the paperwork, this badge gives you control of an unlimited amount of discipline zombies, two discipline zombie juggernauts(if destroyed can be used the next day), and 5 Zombie runners(for the fast students).... like i said any rule breakers handle it your self or let the zombies do it, once caught take them to in house suspension
Name:Ankoku kyō
Age: unknown
Bio: the principal of O'raion academy, he is the creator of the school and one of the strongest beings in the land, he is a very kindhearted man who loves the students.....although he barely leaves his office. he will answer any students call all they must do is leave a note and a small blood offering
ability: he is believed to be a vampire although people ask he never gives any recognition of these suspicions
Likes: dark places, the arts, blood....., nice clothes
Dislikes: unknown
Classes:although he is a principal he is a jack of all trades he is able to teach any class if needed
Equipment: Bartolommeo- his sword

Stats: total 3000
energy to use ability-450
martial arts skills-300
equipment skills-600
Shadow of The World Kyo-
this is kyos original form when he was once the shadow of the world. a fearsome demon feared by all. he can revert to this form whenever ready but chooses not to because he wants to start anew