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Re: Market
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" kyo looked at the sword on his waist" when was the last time i had this cleaned, lets see after that war in the1200's, then after i killed those villagers so.......3000 years ago?...sounds about right " he tossed the bottle into the air and it vanished, he pulled the sword of his waist" now be careful with this if you don't treat it right it will tell me, oh!! and also it prefers the feel of a silk cloth to a cotton one "he handed him the sword"
Name:Ankoku kyō
Age: unknown
Bio: the principal of O'raion academy, he is the creator of the school and one of the strongest beings in the land, he is a very kindhearted man who loves the students.....although he barely leaves his office. he will answer any students call all they must do is leave a note and a small blood offering
ability: he is believed to be a vampire although people ask he never gives any recognition of these suspicions
Likes: dark places, the arts, blood....., nice clothes
Dislikes: unknown
Classes:although he is a principal he is a jack of all trades he is able to teach any class if needed
Equipment: Bartolommeo- his sword

Stats: total 3000
energy to use ability-450
martial arts skills-300
equipment skills-600
Shadow of The World Kyo-
this is kyos original form when he was once the shadow of the world. a fearsome demon feared by all. he can revert to this form whenever ready but chooses not to because he wants to start anew