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Re: Lost and Wandering (10/30 open)
« on: September 24, 2012, 12:50:41 pm »
He took in all the information, looking at each place she pointed out with obvious interest, he took notice of the nose movement but thought nothing of it in his delight. "A market? How delightful I wish Azu was here to experience this new place." he said. He shook her head "Wonderful we have exchanged names, you are the second friend I have made today. I can not wait to share this memory with Azura!."

Ah small talk and going to get something to eat! This must be hanging out how fortunate I am and she is beautiful, another wonderful pretty friend I have made! he thought, nodding happily to her suggestion of food. "I've been enrolled here with my twin sister Azura, she is at our new home with Master Remi to make sure all her systems are in order. We have come here to experience being teenagers!" he explained.
Name: Azura and Ascher Hallenwell
Age: 17
Gender: female/male
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