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Re: Heart and soul.....(2-5/open
« on: February 05, 2013, 02:43:54 am »
Chein grinned and take the rose, she spin it around a bit. "It would indeed be a shame if someone find this to be a crime. Knowing everything is quite boring. Shares your great mood with everyone, yet you already infected everyone, aside from me that is. Let the party start, don't you agree?"

"It a shame if you don't include me, chein. It is always fun when you want to have fun, seeing this side of you."
Kauhi spoke from the crowd. Smiling at Chein, he walk toward her, taking the rose from her hands and put it in her hair, who chuckles softly and grabbed Kauhi's hands.

She began to dances around with him as musics began to plays. "I will let this go once, you owe me some meats, lead the dances, my property." Kauhi smiles and take the lead in dancing with chein, his emerald eyes became crimson.
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Name: Kauhi Kasai
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Look: -5'3 and Emerald eyes, shift to crimson eyes when using The Chained Rabbit's abilities or when happen randomly-

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Name: Cheindousagi 'Chein'
Age: Look to be 14 in human form.
Gender: Female
Human's form.
-4'11 and violet eyes-

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