Author Topic: fun dont fail me now [jasper, open]  (Read 1278 times)


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Re: fun dont fail me now [jasper, open]
« on: January 15, 2013, 12:50:52 am »
i learned a lesson alright.....kill the crab before it gets its posse "as jasper was shaken the balls fell from his arms" I AM IN NO SORT OF FASHION A D- "a gleam caught jaspers eyes" whats that? "jasper looked directly at kureis coin" I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT "jasper slipped out of his shirt and in a blink of an eye the coin was gone out of kurei hands and jasper was sitting on another roof admiring it"
Name: Jasper Valtone
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bio: Jasper is a dragon who has synced with the shinji. although he is synced with shinji he spends most of his time with Mika. although eh is playful and friendly jaspers past is dark and ruthless. once a general of the thanatian dragon army, the green dragon killed thousands and destroyed countless planets, until confronted by a man who sealed a way the vicious green dragon and birthed the personality of jasper. he is now cursed to forever remember his sins in his dreams
ability: turn into dragon, various gases can be produced from his body, earth abilities
Likes: fruits and meat(together), reptiles, learning, people
Dislikes: people who refuse to learn, vegetables, bugs
Classes: none
Clubs/activities: none
Class Rep: ?
Year: 2
Human Form

Dragon Form

Half Unlocked Form
even though jasper does not show it. he has been slowly losing the grip on his old self due to the nightmares and other things.

Stats: 460(when transformed +50)
strength- 70(120)
speed- 100(150)
intelligence- 75(25)
energy to use ability- 50(100)
stamina- 75(125)
martial arts skills- 90(40)
equipment skills- 0