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There wasn't anymore talking. Just heat. The curtain pulled for privacy. The costume removed carefully, but in a hurry. A tangle of flesh, limbs and body heat. One little siren thinking she burn from the inside out, and that this wasn't a bad way to do so, at all.

Now they leaned together against the wall. She still quivered in reaction against him. His head lolled on her shoulder, her mouth still pressed against his own shoulder where she'd bitten him to stop the sound of the scream from making it's way out of her throat.

They both breathed hard, but that wasn't a bad thing either. He didn't have to do much to repair. She had to get re-dressed entirely, this time in her own clothes. She doesn't usher him out from behind the curtain. She doesn't pretend at false modesty.

Once they're both decent, the curtain is pulled back. Three of the costumes are in her arms. The sorceress, the devil and the maid's uniform. Kaya was pretty sure she was never seeing that costume without blushing slightly. That color is on her cheekbones.

They meandered to the counter, only to find the proprietess standing behind it. Like she knew. As if she was waiting. Most of the color drained from Kaya's face. Except the blush over her cheekbones. That stayed, and shown in vivid relief.

Kaya paid in silence, and a wicked amusement crossed the face of the redheaded seamstress. It wasn't the first time a young couple had done just what this one had. It wouldn't be the last. She handed the bag to Kaya. "Ta, both of you. I'm glad my customers found so much to be pleased with."

Kaya couldn't answer. Her mouth opened, but no voice could be found. She colored once more, and waved, almost slinking out of the costume shop. She's embarassed, though not ashamed.
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