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She raised a brow, and smiled a smile that was definitively not innocent. But it was also an expression that boded well for the man at her feet. "Of course I will." She prowled off toward one of the other racks, picking up something that was black. She tossed over her shoulder, as she turned her head to eye him with a smoky look. "The devil will make an appearance later."

Behind the curtain for minutes. The click of heels heralds her entrance again. This costume was a mix of modern and medieval. Someone had taken the maid's uniform, and added a waist cincher to it. The cincher was suede over the black satin of the rest of the uniform. The apron was crisp, and Kaya's long hair was gathered into a severe style, the french twist usually found.

Her eyes had been made large and innocent, while her mouth was screaming sin red. The skyscraper pumps and shortened skirt made her legs endless. Though the garters and hose certainly helped that impression as well.