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The fact that he tried to not be shy, and smiled genuinely at her cheered her a bit. She returned the smile with one of her own. He dropped off her meal, and the girl proceeded to dig in when she had a chance.

His worry echoes to her, but she couldn't figure what he worried over. Did he worry she would be jealous of his flirting with the female customers? Did he worry she disapproved? She wasn't certain. But, she was going to ascertain the information later.

She moved through her meal steadily, choosing to use the dressing as a dip, rather than dumping it on the food. The chicken, she eats without the vinegarette. She eats the salad in pieces, tomatoes first. It's fascinating in a strange way.

Her tea is half diminished when she finishes her meal. She set the salad away from her, nursing the cold drink while she people watched. The other waiters and waitresses are watched with a look of vague amusement. Their antics with the customers were humorous, along with the reactions of the recipients. It was a study of human nature for Kaya. It was one of the demi goddess' endless joys.
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