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She watched the goings on, hiding behind the careless visage of her chosen persona. Even if something made this character angry, she didn't crack her mask. It helped Kaya to remember that characterization. Her skill for acting was useful.

The one time that he seemed more like him for her was his use of the term m'lady. He'd played Prince Charming for her, and she'd enjoyed it. He was able to flirt with her then, but not now. She just couldn't make the leap of logic. At least that small bit of flirting was truth, though.

When he glanced back at her, her brow was vaguely creased, her eyes far away and thoughtful. When he returned to refill her drink, she murmured her thank yous. She looked up at him, and met his eyes, but she made it a point not to fluster him anymore than he was. She didn't want to trouble him.

When he walked away, she pulled a pen out of the moogle shaped purse, and grabbed a napkin. On it, she wrote a short note. She tucked this away, planning to leave it at a very specific time.
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