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Re: Cosplay Cafe
« on: June 30, 2012, 10:39:32 pm »
haro nodded. her playing along helped alittle. he was able to bring the redness down atleast. "excelent choice, ill have it prepaired imediately, m'lady"
haro smiled at the last part. he was able to muster atleast a small bit of flirting, though unlike the dead looks he gave the others, his heart picked up abit in pace when he spoke to her. he bowed and excused himself to get her order under way. soon enough, he was back out, going to the other tables in the dead sort of way he did. he flirted abit, played around, some other guys even dragged him into a fake yaoi moment, making the women all blush and squeel with excitement. durring this however, he often gave glances to her, and a light blush would form on his cheeks.
before long, he returned to her to refil her drink. he knew shed seen what he has to do at this point, and the deep red blush returned to him.
Name: haro masamune
Age: 17
Gender: male

Bio: keeps to himself, not cold but distant. has warmed up to afew people but even they know little
ability: summon familiar (fox), energy blade
Likes:pocky, honest people, people who mind their own buisness
Dislikes: overly friendly people, overly hyper people, lies, fish (as food)
Classes: melee wepon 2, swordsmanship 2, demonology 2, history 1
Class Rep:Yukimora Jinzo
Year: 2
Equipment: sword. bokken in school, katana after school.

Stats:2nd year-545
energy to use ability-50
martial arts skills-40
equipment skills-120

"the light in my world, had faded and died.
the absence was crushing. my very soul cryed.

just when id quit, submit to fate,
she came from the hevens, just as its to late.

through her sweet eyes, id forgotten my pain.
her warmth, her smile, it kept me saine.

now i can smile. my pains fade away.
without that new light, id have died that day."