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She sat, scanning the menu, when he returned. Sweet Kaya was tucked back underneath cool Lulu. Her eyes flicked up to acknowledge his presence, and a small inclination of her head silently thanked him for the drink.

When she'd finally come to her decision, she set the menu within his reach, but made no movement to touch him otherwise. She'd watched the differences with the other customers, and his behavior now. It confused her that he could willingly flirt fakely, but with her, he couldn't do it in truth.

In that empty voice, she spoke. "I think I will have the grilled chicken salad. Raspberry vinegarette for the dressing." Kaya was torn between her bruised confusion and wanting to ask questions, but he'd shut her questions down before, so she wasn't venturing that way again. So, the girl willingly chose to hide behind the persona of the black mage. Lulu's untouchable aura would be a mask for the now uncertain Kaya.