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In her seat and comfortable, she watched him hide behind the menu. She cradled her chin in her hand. "Yes, please. Iced tea." She looked up at him, her face falling away from the cold of Lulu's persona and coming back to her own sweet expression.

"So this is where you work? I know so much about you, but not this. Why are you blushing and hiding, koi?" Her voice was kept low and intimate. For a moment, he might have wished she'd kept to her Lulu persona. Less questions, more detachment. But, alas, it was not to be.

She reached out her hand, trailing her fingers over his when he handed her menu to her. She kept the motion light and subtle. Flirting was one thing, touching another in the work environment. Her eyes still watched his expression. She knew that face now nearly as well as her own.