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Re: Central Perk and A Little Teas, Please
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She lit up with a smile. She leaned forward, kissing his cheek. "Then, let's go. I haven't been in there yet." She looked at the lazy sleeping owl. "Ο Δίας, ξυπνήσετε, μπορείτε ανόητη φτερωτών δαίμονας.
 Θα πάμε σε ένα δάσος."
The owl peered his round golden eyes out from beyond his wing, and gave a hoot.

"Lead the way, my love. I'll trust we won't meet anything we can't take care of." She doesn't seem to notice that she'd addressed the owl in a language not English. It seemed to flow right off her tongue. He'd just discovered something else about her. The owl winged into the skies.