Author Topic: A disguise from the devils [costume shop, 10/27 late afternoon, invite]  (Read 219 times)

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Mika took a step closer to the costumes looking closer at the suggested colors.  The copper and the purple were the two that caught her eyes the most.  Something about the Red, reminded her of Shinji too much, and the blue was more Miyako's color rather than hers.  She ran her fingers over the purple one.  It really was quite a pretty color.  The copper one shimmered slightly, it definitely was different from anything she normally wore.  She was in agreement with Kaya, no one would recognize her in it, nor the purple one.  She twisted a lock of hair around her finger, trying to decide.   "Hmmm, I like both the copper and the purple."  She contemplated a bit longer.  "Maybe the copper though."
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