Author Topic: A disguise from the devils [costume shop, 10/27 late afternoon, invite]  (Read 218 times)

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Mika smiled lightly at Kaya's reaction to her worrying.  She nodded at the reasoning, it made sense to her.  At some point people would probably have figured she had moved back to the dorms, and she didn't really want to deal with them looking for an explanation.  She just always worried about imposing, but she was incredibly grateful for the offer.  "Alright then, I'll come to stay with you guys." 

At Kaya sliding an arm around her she let herself be led to the dragon costumes.  She  rested her fingers lightly against her chin in thought as she looked a the colors.  "Normally I would say black.  I'm not sure my wardrobe has much more than smallest splashed of color other than black."  She bit her lip lightly thinking about it.  "But maybe going with a different color would be a good change.  It's also less likely anyone would ever think it was me."  Her fingers drummed lightly against her chin, as she looked at the brighter colored costumes.
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