Author Topic: (Upstairs of shin's magic item shop)  (Read 468 times)


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Re: (Upstairs of shin's magic item shop)
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Dawn looked at Akio & Blinked Rapidly "Akio I Did That Because ... I Have Feeling For You!, I Mean A Crush ? ... Ive always had feeling for you akio! you was always there for me whenever i needed you .... you was there when we had to stop my father from starting a riot in the village of the Sand,Mist, & Leaf... I want to have a relationship with you.. i want to love you but, i cant cause i dont know how.. i dont need to explain to you what my mother & father went threw! You already know..... im sad . im not saying your anything like my father . Kenro mad you to be good ... & you developed your own personality too , which i am very proud of by the way. Dawn to tear up & hug Akio "Im sorry im so akward & i dont know how to be in a relationship more than friends... you probably think im stupid! sorry!"
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