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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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Sangre/Elliot blinked. It didn't take long for the spirit to realize that he'd gone too far and he'd experienced enough "wards" and "seals" due to his "evil nature" to be able to figure out what the woman was doing. Instead of getting frightened or trying to flee, the spirit merely leaned Elliot's body forward into a stable, hunched position so that it could stay upright once he was gone, and merely watched the woman as she cast her ward. He didn't even try to fight back.

Just before Sangre was cast from Elliot's body, his lips moved as if he had something more to say. Something that Lya couldn't hear because his connection to Elliot's body was too weak for him to use it's voice, and couldn't make out due to her rage. Then, Elliot's head dropped and his body went limp, but held itself up as though it were just taking a break from a long run. A red mist blowing from it and into the woods. Sangre watched as Lya turned away seeing her start to slip on her panties before she disappeared behind a tree before he could see the good parts.

"Hmph, I don't even get a consolation prize eh?" He chuckled with a bittersweet look on his face, "well that's fine; I'm the 'bad guy' here, right?" The spirit closed his eyes and soon faded away as he allowed himself to be cast out of the forest entirely.

Shortly after Sangre was banished and Lya was dressed, Ignis came bursting through the trees diving through the empty shell's chest before streaking skyward with Elliot following close behind. When Elliot dove into his body however, it suddenly lurched from it's perch leaping after the spirit before taking a face plant instead of flying. The teen then sat up spitting out dirt before yelling up after the imp.

"IGNIIIIS!!!! I SWEAR WHEN I CATCH YOU I'M GONNA BIND YOU AND GIVE YOU TO AQUA FOR A DRAIN STOPPER!!!" He then blinked and then looked around. "Wait, where am I? Why am I yelling at Ignis?" It appeared once the teen returned to his body, his memories of what happened out of it become blurred and don't become clear until his body re-acclimates to his soul. This process takes an especially long time when someone, or something, else uses his body while he's gone. Because of this, he didn't remember anything after he left his body and he likely wouldn't remember for a long time. The teen then looked up at Lya, then looked away blushing, but didn't know why. Then he looked at the blood on his face and shirt and kinda guessed at what had happened; he caught a nosebleed.

"Ah, hey Lya-chan. Err... I guess I should apologize about before huh... sorry about that," Elliot said sheepishly sounding almost exactly like Sangre did when he first appeared. Of course, the teen had no clue what his apology would do to Lya at the moment.
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