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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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By the time Lya had said something, Elliot's face was completely red as he rambled on unable to hear her as he moved on into an analysis. "Now that I think about it, considering your hair and changing eye colors, you should be able to pull off just about anything, though there are certain colors you should simply avoid altogether. Like pinks, or light purples, or... well... most lighter and brighter colors. I'm not sure how those would work for you but I can't see it... Even still though, your amazing! Simply stunning! Gregor is a lucky man to have you..."

Elliot feels a small pang in his chest as he says the last bit and he blinks and trails off looking off to the side, brows furrowing in confusion. "Huh? What was that about," the teen thinks scratching his head. After a few moments of trying to figure out where the pang came from and why, Elliot eventually shrugs it off and sighs now calm again, but still unable to look at Lya. "Well, I digress. it was vivid, but it had to be some kind of weird dream right? I'm sure you don't own any of those things! Anyway, we should forget this and get back to training, neh," he asked, this time hoping to change the subject from his change of subject.
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