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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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Elliot refused to meet his friend and teacher's gaze as he began to blush. No matter how much he thought about it, the memory in his mind simply didn't seem to be possible. Even though the possibility of the event being true both worried and excited him, too many things about the memory were just way too outlandish to be even remotely possible. It was most likely to be a simple dream.

The teen's shock slowly gave way to regret and embarrassment as he reached this conclusion and he simply could not bring himself to meet Lya's gaze due to a sense of shame. However, even without meeting her eyes, he knew he would have to give her a better answer than, "it was nothing." After thinking for a few moments while building up the courage to say what needed to be said, Elliot swallowed hard and began to speak.

"Y... you look pretty good in black... not as good as white, but black is still good...," Elliot said still not meeting the woman's eye as his blush deepened. What he was referring to was another memory he'd had where Ignis had pranked him into walking in on Lya trying out some... questionable underwear... Though the boy was a spirit in the dream, Lya seemed to realize that something was there, so the boy quickly darted out of there, though not before taking special note of what she was trying out somewhere in his subconscious.

This memory, like the one before it, had it's roots in an extremely vivid dream. Though, it was also unbelievable, it was slightly more believable than the other one and one that he truly had, thus, it should make a convincing enough substitute to overcome the No Moon's lie detecting capabilities. Though the teen knew that he probably couldn't fool the No Moon completely, he was hoping that the embarrassment associated with such an event would carry him through, thus, he covered his nose to try and contain his nosebleed as he continued to speak.

"...the green ones you had were really nice; they matched your eyes and the lace was a nice touch... I almost couldn't handle it... but I recovered when you tried on the red ones. I know they looked sexy but that shade of red really was a bad choice; it didn't suit you at all. Oh! And then the stringy ones..."

The boy knew he was risking his life here, but this sort of talk would continue until Lya stopped him in order for him to really throw her off. Though speaking of such things was pretty embarrassing (and life threatening) for him, it was still less embarrassing than speaking of that one incident that he knew had to be totally impossible, yet, still lingered in the back of his mind. If he'd met Lya's gaze and seen the emotions in them, he might've told her the real meaning behind his look. Seeing as that wasn't the case however, he simply rambled on telling more and more detail of this memory hoping that the No Moon would stop him before his nose exploded.
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