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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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Elliot listened to Lya in silence. He was a bit curious about what had happened between Lya and the shamans, but he figured if she wanted to tell him, then she would've since she was in such a forthcoming mood at the moment. Plus, a small part of him could tell that she didn't want to talk about it, so he left it alone. Instead, Elliot raised an eyebrow at the end of her speech. Something didn't sit right with him.

"Anger scares them? But that doesn't make sense...," he said crossing his arms, "I've gotten mad a lot in my dreams and they never got scared. In fact, they've calmed me down quite a few times and I'd wake up happy! Of course, before I used to think that it was just a dream, but since I know these guys are real now, I know that they've helped me a lot!"

Elliot smiles as he finishes genuinely happy that his dream friends were real. In the back of his mind, he was attempting to recall his dreams to figure out how many spirits he'd already met. So far, his count was at 26 and still climbing...
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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