Author Topic: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]  (Read 2898 times)


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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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"I'll keep that in mind...," Elliot said as he kept looking around. He was so preoccupied with his search, that he barely waved goodbye to the spirits as they floated off! Eventually though, the boy sighed and walked towards Lya while scratching his head. "Hmm... he didn't show up. That's strange, I thought he loved blood," he thought aloud as he approached her. He then blinked when Lya said to ask his questions now while she was still being so forthcoming about everything and paused for a second. After that second was done however, her crossed his arms and his face slowly shifted into a calm look that made him look a bit handsome-er than usual as he carefully combed his brain for any questions he wanted answered while he had the chance.

"....," as he thinks, Lya would be able to see that he is completely zoned out to the world around him. One would probably be able to get away with some amazing pranks right now if they wanted to, though there'd obviously be a price for it later...
- Kazuma Edilos & Daemos

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