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Re: Yo, Pup! [Elliot, Ely, open, afternoon]
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"!!!!" Elliot is surprised by the lioness's sudden appearance on him and mentally kicked himself for ignoring the feeling of a bug on his neck when he'd jumped from the boulder. He was about to grab the lioness's forepaws and try to flip her off of him with his foot when she suddenly pushed off of him making him slam into the ground hard. Elliot gasped in pain from his ribs AND the air being knocked out of his lungs as he bounced off of the ground floating for a moment before landing on his back panting with one eye shut against the pain. He then blinked as he thought he'd heard something from inside of him and immediately began to check himself for a crushed bug for some reason before he looked up and saw Lya safe and sound.

With a sigh of relief, he smiled a bit at her, but it quickly faded as she lectured him about destroying the planet. By the time she was done, Elliot's eyes were serious again and he nodded to her accepting her teachings, though he was a bit confused when she'd mentioned "spirits". "I understand, I'll try to be more careful about collateral damage from now on...," he said with a frown. Since his powers required direct contact to work making hims useless at long range combat, causing collateral damage in order to use the earth to close in on an opponent was one of his main strategies. With that gone, he needed to think of something fast to close in on the New Moon again.

Elliot pondered this as he caught his breath, rolled onto his front, then pushed himself to his feet deciding to save his questions about the spirit thing for later. He then goes back into his stance and shoots a determined look at Lya. "Again!"
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